Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Our annual winter solstice celebration is about to begin. We'll be serving roast pork and hot spiced apple juice (both from our farm), along with the usual snack-y foods and other drinks. This is a potluck and the quality and amount of food that shows up is astounding! Our friends like to cook (and eat)!

This year we've raised our jersey heifer calf (pictured - now sold to the dairy farmer across the street as a present to his teen-age son), more than a dozen pigs (with our pork co-op), three "pet" ducks (now two, thanks to an eagle), twenty-five meat chickens, half-a-dozen new laying hens (just starting to lay!) and many, many sheep (I think we're up to 18). We just got our yarn back from the mill in two shades of fawn, as well as shaela and moorit. It is just beautiful! I've designed a hat to show it off (a picture will come soon).

Come back, Sun! Let the festivities begin!