Sunday, June 12, 2011

Eating from the farm

Today we had chocolate cake to celebrate the 90th birthday of Reed's grandpa Tom. Grandpa Tom lived on our homestead as a child and played among some of trees which are still on our farm and still entertain the children.

After we made the cake we played the "what was from our farm" game and it was surprising that a chocolate cake could have so many ingredients from our farm. First, I need to admit that I bought a mix. The mix, though, was from a local baker who makes her own mixes (Scratch is the name of her bakery and she sells at the local farmers' market). We added, from our farm, eggs and milk to the mix. There was raspberry jam between the two layers, made from raspberries from our farm. The chocolate butter cream frosting was made with butter and milk from the farm.

Of course we also added to our plates, next to the cake, ice cream from the farm...