Thursday, December 27, 2007

Eggs, eggs, eggs!

After what seemed like the longest molt ever our hens are laying again - with gusto! Even though we only have 16 hens we got 18 eggs two days ago and 20 eggs yesterday. Pretty amazing, especially considering that we don't even have a laying variety. Our Dominique hens are considered "dual purpose" chickens - laying and meat - though we don't raise them for meat. Egg laying varieties of hens usually produce about one egg per day. Occasionally they will produce one egg every 20 to 22 hours, which means that occassionally there will be two eggs in one "day." Dual purpose hens usually produce about 5 to 7 eggs per week, so getting such big yields from our Dominiques is exciting!

On a very sad note, our very-old-dog died today. He was 13+ years old - very old for such a large dog. It has been a difficult few months for him, escalating this past week. We will miss him terribly.

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