Thursday, September 4, 2008

How the garden grows...

Despite a shortage of warm sunny weather this "summer," the garden is growing remarkable well. We have been slowly working towards loading up the chest freezer and feel a bit like squirrels - hoarding away for the long winter. The new woodshed is done and it is a beauty! Our friend owns a timber frame business and has some scrap wood for us to burn this winter - we'll stop by tomorrow and get the first load to put into the shed. We already have a lot of wood put up and neatly piled, but it was ready before the shed was and won't make it in there.

The food we've been able to grow this year has just been beautiful and big and delicious! We pulled this beet and then joked that it was almost as big as Thomas' head!

We also joked that this carrot (before Samara chomped it) and its greens were so big that the carrot-and-greens together were almost as long as Samara was tall!

We are now working on our fall crop of broccoli and chard - hopefully enough to freeze to last until late spring!

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