Saturday, March 19, 2011

The cheese making begins again...

With Rustina giving us 5 gallons of milk a day (yes, 5 gallons) we are in a constant quandary about what to do with all of the milk. Sir Loin, of course, currently drinks about 2 gallons of that milk and we consume about 2 quarts in a given day. Cheese making is on of our answers - it puts the milk in a form which we can consume months from now. Reed began cheese making during Rustina's last lactation and with the large influx of milk he is back at it again.

So far, this lactation, he has made a cracked pepper hard cheese and today has embarked on a journey toward soft mold-ripened cheeses, such as brie and Camembert. The cracked pepper cheese will age until this summer, awaiting Aunt Mina - a lover of a local cracked pepper cheese. We hope that ours will come close.

To help us on this journey we have finally purchased the special thermostat which will keep our designated cheese refrigerator at the proper 54 degree F temperature. The refrigerators built-in thermostat will never let it stay that warm - this new thermostat over-rides the built in thermostat.

Tomorrow we start on our butter and ice cream making...Yum!

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