Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sir Loin

Our newest calf, Sir Loin, was born on March 5th. The birth was on a Saturday morning and Rustina was able to do it all herself. She is such a good mother and licked her baby very well. The baby was vigorous from the start and was up on his feet right away.

Sir Loin is half Angus and looks like an Angus. It is amazing the difference between him and Blossom (who was 15/16 Jersey). Blossom was much more delicate and angular. Sir Loin is very boxy and eats a whole lot more!

He is being fed Rustina milk via bottle and drinks almost 2 gallons a day! We worried that this was too much (a lot more than Blossom ate), but he seems to be thriving and has had no problems.

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